Ickwell May Day

Ickwell May Day will be held on Monday 6th May 2019
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Fiona Sutherland

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Photography by Nadine & Natalie

This year’s May Day took place in splendid sunshine. The procession was led in style, as ever, from Northill to Ickwell by the Bedford and Letchworth Morris Men.
Following the procession from Northill to Ickwell, Fiona Sutherland was crowned as this year’s May Queen by outgoing May Queen Kayleigh.
Lucy Bryant presented the garland and Madeline Doughty the sceptre. Fiona was also attended by Murran White and Ellen Oakins and her page boys were Hugh and Oliver. Once crowned, Fiona was presented with a locket as a keepsake of the day from the May Queen of 1997, Gemma Foster
The flowers who paid homage to their queen and recited their words beautifully were buttercups: Holly and Sofia, daisies: Chelsea and Laura, violets: Erin and Lilac, mayflowers: Dolly and Penelope, forget-me-nots: Isabella and Sati and rosebuds Freya and Jasmine.
After the crowning ceremony, those children who had decorated hoops with flowers showed off their creativity as they paraded around the arena and the children whose hoops had been judged as the best were given a small prize. 
The children then started off the dancing and received fantastic applause from the crowd. Following the Old Scholars, Ickwell Green Morris performed followed by the village dancers and then visiting dancers Heartsease, St Neots Sweeps and Milkmaids. The Old Scholars returned to the arena to demonstrate the circassian circle before all onlookers were invited to join in. 

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Old Scholars


M Marsom

Past May Queens

The photo gallery page includes archival photographs of most of the past May Queens going back to 1911.

The passage of time has reduced the quality of some of the older shots, but most of the participants are readily recognisable.


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